Wish List

The following is a list of frequently needed items for our parties.  If you choose to donate any of of these items, please email us to coordinate with us re: pick up/drop off.

  • Gift cards to local pizzerias (particularly Inferno, Domino’s and Paesan’s)
  • Gift cards to BJs
  • Gift cards to Dollar Tree
  • Gift cards to Walmart
  • Large bottles of apple juice (64 oz. or larger)
  • Temporary tattoos in various designs/for different themes
  • Helium tanks
  • Extra-large gift bags
  • Solid red paper cups
  • Solid pink paper cups
  • Solid blue paper cups
  • Solid red paper plates
  • Solid pink paper plates
  • Solid blue paper plates
  • Birthday badges
  • Board books for toddlers
  • Books for tween boys