Item Wish List

Jazzy Sun 2018 Wish List

A list of useful and necessary items for running the birthdays, getting gifts and providing food. Feel free to purchase these and send them to us at INSERT ADDRESS HERE.

·         Gift cards to local pizzerias (particularly Inferno, Domino’s and Paesan’s)

·         Gift cards to BJs

·         Gift cards to Dollar Tree

·         Gift cards to Walmart

·         10-gallon storage bins

·         Large bottles of apple juice (64 oz. or larger)

·         Temporary tattoos in various designs/for different themes

·         Helium tanks

·         Extra-large gift bags

·         Solid red paper cups

·         Solid pink paper cups

·         Solid blue paper cups

·         Solid red paper plates

·         Solid pink paper plates

·         Solid blue paper plates

·         Birthday badges

·         Board books for toddlers

·         Books for tween boys

Check out this list on Amazon for a direct purchase.